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 Back From The Dead...Again, Dean's Journal
Dean Winchester
 Posted: Aug 18 2017, 09:21 AM
33 Years Old

Dear Diary
Sammy & I went after Metatron. Not wanting Sammy to get hurt, I knocked him out then walked into the building Metatron was hiding in.

Me & the Mark of Cain took on Metatron and lost. He got the best of me and beat me to a bloody pulp. Sammy found me half dead up against a wall.

Not wanting to die in the condition I was in, I mustered up some strength and managed to get back on my feet (with Sammy's help). I could hardly stnd up on my own. Sammy was pretty much the only thing keeping me steady on my feet.

Taking in my appearance, Metatron smiled at how bloody, bruised and broken I was. Once he was finished laughing his freakin' ass off, he slammed the angel blade into my chest.

I felt the blade pierce my heart and let out a loud whimper. I looked at Sam with pain-filled eyes as I lifted my hand to his face.

"I'm proud of us, Sammy."

I whispered softly as I cried out softly in pain. Sam tightened his grip on me but it was useless. What little strength I had left was fading. I looked at Sammy again.

"I love you, Sammy. Always."

I said softly then took my last breath and died in his arms.

Sammy, being the devoted little brother that he is, took me home to our bunker and laid me to rest on the bed in my room.

Trying to stay strong, Sammy called out to Cas. His pleas went unanswered. Unknown to Sam, Cas was being held captive in Heaven by Metatron

Unable and unwilling to accept that I was gone for good, Sammy summoned Crowley (our sometimes friend) and begged him to bring me back to life.

Crowley told him he would. He teleported up to my room, lifted my body into his arms and teleported me to hell.

Meanwhile I was in limbo (at least I think I was). I was given two choices: Remain dead for good & have my soul sent to Heaven or be brought back to life as a half demon hybrid without the Mark of Cain.

I thought about both options carefully. On one hand, staying dead & going to Heaven meant I could be with my mother.

On the other side, I wouldn't be able to hunt anymore or keep Sammy safe. Sammy wouldn't survive losing me again. The decision was clear. I knew what I had to do.

Sighing heavily, I agreed to be brought back to life as a half-demon. After the ritual was done, I had to adjust to being what I was.

Thankfully I didn't have to adjust to my new life alone. Crowley helped me adjust to what I had become. Once I was ok, I was allowed to return to Sammy.

I was so relieved to be home and scared at the same time. I was afraid that once Sammy found out what I had become, I'd lose him for good.

Love & Pie


Dean Winchester
 Posted: Dec 13 2017, 08:21 AM
33 Years Old

Dear Diary
I'm getting the hang of being a half-demon.

A few days ago I had dinner with Bobby at the Mystic Grill. While I was there, one of Crowley's demons was there and sent me a drink. Bobby chuckled and started teasing me, thinking it was cute that the guy was flirting with me. Little did he know that that the guy was a demon.

After a few minutes Devin (the demon), called out to me telepathically. I answered him to see what he wanted. he told me he was checking in on me for a friend who wanted to make sure I was ok. It didn't take me long to figure out that he meant Crowley. It was heart-warming to know that Crowley cared about me.

I told Devin I was ok. he asked if I've been feeding and I told him that I hadn't had time to. He made it a point to tell me that I needed to take care of myself. Not one to like being told what to do, I growled at him. Devin chuckled, amused at my outburst. As soon as he asked me if I was hungry, my mouth started watering.

I told him I was but I could wait. he insisted I feed before I forget and wind up hurting Sammy. I growled at him again at the mere implication that I'd hurt Sammy. After I calmed down, I told him I'd meet him out in the alley and ended our little conversation. Bobby shook my arm. I looked at him. he asked me if I was ok. I told him I was then ordered food for Sammy.

After paying the check, me & bobby left the Mystic Grill. I telepathically asked Devin to make noise so I had an excuse to go into the alley. He did. I had Bobby stay by the car. A minute later, I made my way into the alley. As soon as I was close enough, Devin pulled his dagger out and made a cut on the side of his neck. As soon as I saw the blood, my eyes turned purple and I purred like a cat in heat.

Devin pulled me close. I didn't waste anytime. I sealed my mouth over the cut and drank deeply. As I drank I could feel the hunger fading. Once we were done, he left. Acting quickly, I kicked a few cans and made it seem like I was fighting a demon. For the final touch, I pulled my knife out, stabbed myself and screamed. A few minutes later Bobby arrived. He saw that I was hurt and got concerned. I told him I was ok. He chastised me for trying to take the demon on by myself.

I apologized to him and let him help me to my feet. Afterwards, we got into the Impala and drove back to me & Sammy's motel room. We walke din and I put Sammy's food on the table. I took my jacket off and winced, forgetting about the wound (that I gave myself). Sammy saw the wound and immediately jumped to action. he led me over to the bed and sat me down. A minute later, he went to get the medical kit to clean my wound out. I forgot that peroxide stings when it firsts makes contact with the wound.

I growled softly under my breath as my eyes changed from green to purple. I didn't even realize they changed until Sammy pulled a knife out on me.

"What have you done with my brother?"

He asked coldly. The coldness in his tone took me by surprise. Letting my eyes go back to green, I looked at him.

"Sammy, it's me. Nothing's happened to me. I swear."

I said, keeping my voice soft. I cringed at the look of fear on his face. I spoke again a minute later.

"I'm not possessed. I can explain if you'll let me"

I said as I slowly stood up. I winced in pain and stood there quietly as I stared at him the spoke again a few minutes later.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. I would never hurt you. I would never hurt Uncle Bobby either"

I said continuing to keep my voice soft. Bobby stood in front of the door, making sure that I didn't try to leave. I had no intention of leaving. Sam looked at me.

"Then explain. When did this happen?"

He asked, lowering his dagger. I sighed in relief then looked at him and explained everything in as much detail as I could. I somehow convinced Bobby that I was telling the truth.

Sammy still wasn't sure if he believed me or not but after a few minutes, he put the dagger away and said he trusted me. I hadn't meant for them to find out this way but I'm not sorry that they know. I didn't wanna keep this from them.

Sammy & Bobby were adamaent about talking to Crowley to get a more detailed explaination about wht I've become. I told them I'd let Crowley know that they wanted to talk to him. He got back to me a few hours later and told me he'd meet me he'd be at the hotel as soon as he could.

Sammy & Bobby seemed satisfied with that answer.

A few minutes later, Jo called Sammy histerical crying. After Sammy calmed her down, he put her on speaker phone and she told us Ellen went missing. Jo was worried sick. Me, Sammy & Bobby told her we'd meet her and help her find her mother.

After we hung up, the three of us got into the Impala and headed out to Rosewood to meet up with Jo and find out what happened to Ellen. I telepathically reached out to Devin & Crowley and asked them if they heard anything about a hunter being abducted.

Shortly after, Crowley called me on the phone and said he had information for me. I told him to meet me and he did. He gave us an address to check out.

Love & Pie


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