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 Damn Slayers., Tag Faith
 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 07:50 AM
164 Years Old

A new town meant a chance for Spike to start over and really try to be a better person. Since his time with Buffy didn't work out, Spike had been a drifter so to speak never staying in one place for to long. He was giving into his basic instincts and dealing with the guilt later. Why should he be the good guy? He had a reason with her but now there was no light in the darkness. He didn't blame her for what happened, she could and would never love him like she did Angel. He knew that a long time ago and kept going back for more. A gulten for punishment so to speak, his guilt feeding his need to feel that pain every single time he was close to her and could never really break her from her shell.

This new town wasn't the new start he had hoped for after learning that Buffy and Angel had settled in here. The vampire hated it and decided to drown his anger in blood. He already felt guilty every day for all the horrible things he had done in the past so it wouldn't make much of a difference. The male stalks a group of teen girls who were stupidly drunk walking around at night and giggling way to loudly. He smirks as he makes his move and slides his arms around two of them near the back, each of his hands over the mouths of them. He quickly takes them outside of town to the woods and releases his hold on them. “Run.” He growls as his fangs shift into place and the demon shows through Spike's face, the bumps on his features and demonic eyes.

Clinging to each other they took off running away from him. “One.” He yells as he casually walks through the thick forestry around him. “Two.” The vampire laughs to himself keeping their scent in front of him. “Three. Here I come.” He grins and gives chase to them, he darts around a few trees and tackles the girls. Their screams feeding into his hunger and he bites into one's neck while holding the other forcing her to watch. He drank greedily until she was dead then turns his attention to the other one. “Fear always makes the blood richer.” His tongue slides across his lips to clear any remaining blood there. “Please don't. Please.” The young blond begs with tears falling, she was trying without much luck to break free. She put him in mind of Darla which pissed him off. He sank his fangs into her neck while she screams loud enough to make him cringe, that didn't stop him from drinking deep.

Faith Lehane
Faith Lehane
 Posted: Dec 25 2017, 10:30 PM
25 Years Old
Buffy/Angel Universe

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It had been an interesting series of events since Faith's arrival to Rosewood.She made some new alliances and was able to reconnect with Buffy, to strengthen their fragmented relationship, to hopefully become better allies and friends.They were both slayers and Faith felt that it is a lot better for them to coexist and get along, rather than be constantly at each other's throats.She was honestly thankful for Buffy's forgiveness and welcoming nature towards her redemption.Faith recalled times when they weren't so kind towards one another.Not that Faith exactly deserved kindness back then.After accidentally killing a human on a patrol, Faith fell down a very slippery slope.She was so consumed with guilt and self hate, that she rejected everyone's attempts at helping her.She descended into the shadows and committed many heinous acts that she could never undo, she just had to move forward.Thanks to the help of Angel, who brought her back from the darkness, she had since been trying to make amends for all the horrible things she had done.

After receiving a tip from one of her contacts, regarding the latest spree of "animal attacks" in Rosewood.Mostly occurring in the wooded areas of the community, the Rogue Slayer decided to scope out the wilderness, to see if she could find anything supernatural to slay.

Faith was all geared up in her usual dark jeans, black tank top, leather jacket and combat boots.She carried a wooden stake, along with a couple of other weapons in the inner pockets on each side of her coat.She made her way carefully down a steep path, keeping her slayer senses sharp for anything that wasn't just a simple forest critter.Moments later, the brunette heard screaming off in the distance.Without even processing a thought, Faith darted towards the location of the sound.

The slayer stumbled upon a couple of teens being attacked by a vampire, one was already dead and the other was just in the middle of being the vamps dessert.Faith ran over to pull the bloodsucker off the girl.When she got a closer look at the fanged one, her eyes went wide.Spike, the infamous vampire with a history of chaos and violence, who ended falling in love with Buffy, to an obsessive degree.Though last she heard, he had a soul ?.

"Well, well.If it isn't William the Bloody ? Last I checked you were all soulful ? Guess you fell off the wagon huh ?"

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