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 Perfect Strangers, Tag: Jeremy Gilbert/ Chris
Lorelai Swanson
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 07:45 PM

Who: Jeremy Gilbert
What: They meet
When: June 12, 2017
Where: Main Street

Summer vacation. For most people, this meant traveling, spending time with friends, and relaxing in the strong rays of the sun. But Rory wasn't most people; summer for her meant a strange town, unknown people and an unknown future.

It was her first day in Rosewood, having spent the past three days unpacking and moving furniture. Some neighbors were nice, introducing themselves and bringing over food. But aside from that, Rory hadn't spent any time meeting people or exploring. That is until today, when the moving was deemed finished and the house was ready to officially be lived in. Since her cousin and now guardian was working, Rory decided to walk into town and get to know the area.

She stepped outside the front door, blinking into the late morning sunshine. Her long blonde hair was styled normally; down and in the middle. Rory had on a pair of distressed denim shorts, a black lace came with a read plaid shirt tied around her waist. A pair of black Vans completed the look, and she felt ready to face the public eye.

With a cup of joe from The Brew in hand, Rory sipped the beverage and eyed the shops with some interest; some were certainly cute and charming while others had a darker tone to them. Passing by a pole, she noticed a missing sign and paused to read it. Her eyebrows knit together, reading about the Alison girl. She made mental notes about the sign, a second nature to her. She may not be hunting but that didn't mean she could easily forget some of her training; to review posters of missing people, notice the background story, their looks and anything that could be useful.

Having finished reading the poster, Rory began walking only to have a person push past her. Losing her balance she dropped her disposable cup of coffee and on instinct she reached out to grab something to steady herself. Only this something wasn't an object; it was a person. Her eyes went wide as she stumbled and looked up and saw a pair of deep brown eyes. Of course, she had to cling on to a cute guy her age; A plus work on embarrassing herself.

But she couldn't help staring at him for a moment, her instincts that she buried deep down were springing to life: this guy wasn't normal. There was something about him... something that awoke the huntress in her. The other side of Rory that was now humming in curiosity.

Realizing that she was staring for a moment or two she felt her face heat up."S-sorry!" She jumped back. Her hand, which was once resting on his arm, was quickly pulled back. "Please tell me I didn't spill my coffee on you..."

The look on her face was priceless; eyes wide, cheeks red, while her hand was almost covering her mouth. Clearly she was embarrassed at the incident both crashing into him and then staring at the poor guy. Its not my fault he's a cutie- ugh, shut up brain. She mentally scolded herself.
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