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 Session #1, Gifted Support Group
Pluto Vanbeck
 Posted: Nov 24 2017, 11:02 PM

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Pluto had always wanted to know more about what he could do and where his abilities came from but he had always been too afraid to talk to his family about his power and its origin. That was why, when the leaflet came sliding under the door of his dorm room, claiming to provide insight and support for his unique abilities, he'd been immediately interested in the notion that someone out there understood his struggle. Of course, as any rational mind would, his also jumped to a point of scepticism because, as far as he knew, he was the only credible example of extranormal abilities. He'd never met another soul that could do anything even remotely akin to what he could. Sure there were those psychics at carnivals that claimed to be able to read your palms or mediums that supposedly talk to your dead relatives but when it came to the truly bizarre, he had never met another soul like him. The cryokinetic college student had sat, cross-legged, on his bed for what had seemed like an eternity, going over every scenario that could unfold if he actually travelled to the address provided on the leaflet. It could be anything: a cult, a crack den, some weird human-trafficking conspiracy... the possibilities were endless. However, even with all the risk, there was one thing that he kept coming back to; one scenario that he just couldn't shake: What if it was true? What if this leaflet held answers? Despite everything, he couldn't just pass up an opportunity like that.

So that was how Pluto Vanbeck had ended up standing outside an abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city. The place looked dank and derelict; the perfect example of a crack den. However, despite it's outward appearance, the blue-haired male felt drawn to the building and so he started walking. His feet carried him closer and closer until his eyes landed on an open door, incandescent light flooding through it like a beacon in the dark. Brows furrowed, Pluto slowly walked forward, cautious about what could potentially be beyond the door. Making his way inside, he was stunned to see an impeccably grand-looking hall with a large crystal chandelier, a roaring fireplace at either end of the room that were surrounded by leather upholstered sitting chairs and rounded coffee tables, and an immaculate looking spread that was set out like a buffet. In the middle of the room there was an elongated dining table with a dozen or so chairs set around it. Looking around, he noticed that nobody seemed to be there and yet everything looked like it had just been set up. Thee was, however, a note sitting on the closest edge of the dining table. Walking over to inspect it, he picked it up and read its contents.

Welcome, friend.

If you are reading this then you have come seeking answers and support regarding your unique talents. Do not worry, your secrets are safe in this place. I set up this place ten years ago, as a place for people like yourself to congregate and socialise. Please think of this as a sanctuary; a home away from home, if you will. I myself was gifted with special abilities when I was young, although not in the same way that you were, and I know how lonely and frustrating it can be to keep a secret of this magnitude and so I thought I would help and create a place where you don't have to hide. A place where you can be you without fear of your secrets being revealed. Please feel free to come and go from this place whenever you would like; there are bedrooms to the right and there is a generously stocked kitchen to the left. There is no catch to this offering but there are a couple of conditions.

The first condition is secrecy. This place has remained secret for years and I would like it to stay that way and so you are never to speak about this place in public and you are most certainly not to invite anyone here unless you are positive that they are also gifted like yourself.

The second condition is community. You understand just how hard it is to go through life feeling cut off from the rest of the world, lonely and confused about your abilities. You now have an opportunity to help people in similar situations and make sure that they don't have to live the way that you have. Schedule one day a week where you all meet in this place. Community is important and with it comes a sense of belonging. The first step to discovering more about what you can do is by becoming more comfortable with your abilities and what better way to achieve that than sharing them with people who will understand?

Embrace your abilities because they are a part of you.


A Friend.

Smiling a little at the beautifully crafted letter, Pluto set it back on the table and proceeded to walk over to the buffet spread before picking up a plate and piling it high with the delicious looking food. Once he had a healthy amount, he made his way over to the closest fireplace and sank himself down in one of the leather chairs to tuck into his meal.

Gabriel Epworth
Michael Daddario
Rain Nichols
Gabriel Epworth
 Posted: Nov 25 2017, 08:24 PM
17 Years Old

When his mother had handed him mail the young teenager had initially been confused. The only things he usually got through the mail were magazines and college information (thanks Mom). So when the leaflet fell out from between a magazine and some college in California he'd been understandable intrigued. Putting down his xbox controller he had taken it from his mother with a 'thank you', scooping up the fallen leaflet before his mom could see it. Once she had left his room and gone back down the hallway he dumped the college stuff next to him. The magazines came to rest on top leaving him the leaflet in his hands. Turning it over and back before he read it, the entire thing, twice in fact.

Someone knew about his gifts. Jerking his gaze back to his door he had gotten up to close it, reading it over again before tapping it anxiously against his hand. Huh. Who could know about what he could do? Did they even know or were they just guessing? It wasn't like he'd been using them to, I dunno, color drab school signs. Or to make magic multi-color rabbits that disappeared. Or the time he'd scared his neighbor with a bear. Okay so he wasn't exactly subtle he supposed. Still it made him nervous. What if this was some sort of 'we know what you are' type of thing? He hadn't even told his parents what he could do, and if someone showed up here to speak to him about 'gifts' it would be super uncool.

By the time he felt he wasn't about to be scooped off the street he wondered if maybe it was real. If this place was what it said it was there should be other people with powers. Maybe not like his own, or maybe exactly like his. That was worth checking out right? With that thought he knew what he had to do. Telling his parents he was going out to hang with friends he had taken off. It was a long bike ride to where he was going after all and he wanted to arrive there before long. So he grabbed his bike and headed for the address provided. There was a bit of excitement mixed with his fear, perhaps he wasn't as alone here as he thought.

When he arrived at the warehouse there was no one outside. Peeking around he got off his bike and walked it closer to where there seemed to be an open door. Leaving hike bike outside he nervously walked in and was instantly impressed. If this place wasn't real then someone had real power. Something close to his, maybe? He could make things appear like this, pocket worlds he could walk into and no one would be the wiser. And everything he made was just as real as anything else. Not realizing anyone else was here he actual whistled in appreciation. "Somebody went through a lot of trouble."

Walking to the table his eyes brightened, there was a lot of food here. The ride over had definitely made him hungry and if there hadn't been food here his first thought had been to conjure some himself. There were plates on the table and he quickly plucked one up, making quick work of anything sweet the table had to offer. He noticed the letter in the next moment and paused at it, picking it up to read. So it was someone else with powers. Someone who still lived here? Strange that they would only leave a letter and not be there themselves. Maybe this wasn't all that it seemed either. Well, he supposed he'd soon find out.
Rain Nichols
 Posted: Nov 26 2017, 01:43 AM
16 Years Old
None; Original

Rain had always assumed that there must be others like him in existence but it was hard to find them. He didn't know the first thing of where to look for other "gifted" people and given his issues with interacting with people, he probably would have been useless at finding them on his own anyway. Besides, his small angelic form tended to invite danger more than anything else a lot of the time.

Rain was suspicious of the leaflet that he had received and also more than a bit paranoid. Who knew about him and how? Even so, he craved a social connection that would understand that he needed them to back off once in a while. People that would understand that he sometimes literally went mute due to the emotions pressing in on him from all directions that short-circuited his response time.

The warehouse that he was now standing outside of did nothing to bolster his confidence in the place. Then again, if he was hosting a secret meeting for people who had to keep their identities on the down low, this was the sort of place that would fly under the radar, right?

There were two other people there and he glanced towards them warily (probably looking like a frightened deer) before reading over the letter. The food was the main draw though - he'd been living on the streets for some time now and the main time he got food was at the shelter where he got his showers and at school. Considering he barely ever spoke, keeping this place secret was not going to be an issue.

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Michael Daddario
 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 07:30 PM

Michael had received a strange letter and he still wasn't sure what it meant, but here he was. "How do we know this isn't a trap of some kind?" He asked nobody in particular. If it was a trap, it was a good thing he was there. He could protect them all with the entire force of the law, even if it meant blowing his cover.

Pluto Vanbeck
 Posted: Jan 15 2018, 12:22 PM

Slowly, as time went on and his plateful of food emptied, other people started to appear in the previously empty room. First, a boy with dirty blonde hair had entered the warehouse and had literally whistled in response to the sight of their surroundings. At first, Pluto hadn't been sure what to say. This entire situation was highly unorthodox and he was barely comprehending everything himself, however something inside him longed to meet other people like himself and so, once he'd seen the blonde male read the letter and head on over to the buffet table, he cleared his throat and spoke to the newcomer. "Hi." he greeted with a shy smile. "I'm Pluto." He wasn't exactly sure what else to say and so, instead of continuing, he just quietly observed the other male from his place by the fireplace.

It didn't take long for another person to enter, a small and somewhat pixie-like boy with strikingly bright blonde hair that looked almost white in the light of the room. When the new arrival had noticed him, he'd immediately looked alarmed and that was enough to dissuade Pluto from saying anything to the petite male. He had been a shy kid once and he knew how daunting it could be to be faced with a stranger, especially when said stranger was enthusiastic in their attempts to make conversation. The last thing he wanted to do was cause stress or anxiety in this obviously reclusive individual and so, instead of saying anything out loud, he raised his hand and waggled his fingers in a half wave, shooting the guy a friendly smile.

When the third male entered, the atmosphere surrounding him was very different. He was older and seemed to have a much more collected reaction to the situation. After reading the letter, he'd immediately questioned whether or not it was a trap and, if Pluto was honest, he felt ashamed that he hadn't thought of that possibility himself before he'd sat down to eat. So far, he didn't feel any different and so he was momentarily ruling out poison but it was a fair assumption that this could all be part of some elaborate scheme. The only question was... why? It was the lack of motive that convinced Pluto that none of this was a trick. He didn't have enemies and, other than a couple of high school bullies, he didn't know anyone that would want to harm him. Sure, it wasn't enough to rule anything out but something inside him felt at home here; comfortable. "I guess I can see why you'd be cautious but I don't think it's a trap. I can't explain it but, for some reason, I feel kind of... safe here. I don't know why but I do."

Gabriel Epworth
Rain Nichols
Michael Daddario
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