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 02. Rules
 Posted: Sep 6 2014, 05:12 PM
34 Years Old
"Don't Make Me Lie To You"


001. RESPECT! Respect the staff and listen to them because they really do have your best interests at heart. Respect the other members too. Everyone is here to have fun, and it works best if everyone respects each other. This is probably the most important rule and will be the one most strictly enforced. Disrespect or bullying will be given two warnings before a suspension and then one more warning before being banned.

002. REGISTERING! Please register with your character's name in proper capitalization. If you decide to change your character's name then visit your User CP and simply request a name change. Do NOT register for a character if they're already taken or the duplicate account will be deleted. If you have any questions about which characters are taken, please see our canon list HERE and PM a staff member if you have additional questions.
When you post your app please post it with your character's account.

003. ACTIVITY! While WDGTD doesn't strictly have an activity requirement, we will be doing an account sweep every six months and clearing out accounts that haven't been heard from for awhile. If you play an important character, you are subject to losing that character if staff deem you too inactive for the role.

004. ACCOUNTS! Here on WDGTD, we require our members to have OOC accounts to use when posting OOC. We also ask that you create a new account for each character and then link them as sub-accounts of your OOC account. If you have trouble with this then please contact a staff member or post in the support board located here.

005. CHARACTERS! There's no limit to the number of characters that you can make, other than the limit of two canons per show per member, unless otherwise specified. If you have any questions about a canon please contact a staff member. Changing a characters age to fit the High School theme or their gender is allowed, but if the character is not from a High School fandom please ask a member of staff first if they would be allowed.

Update 4/7/16: We have slightly changed the way canon's are dealt with. While there is a limit of two teenage canons per show per player, the adults are now unlimited. Please do not abuse this.

We also ask that once you hit your twelfth character that you post those first 12 into the game before you make more of them. This is just to ensure that you are serious about rping them. Even with this rule we still do not have a limit.

006. FACE CLAIMS! Some face claims may appear in multiple TV series. That being said, face claims are on a "first come, first served" basis. If you find that a particular face claim for an open canon is already in use, please choose another face claim. Since we use TVD as one of our main shows, Doppelgangers are a thing, so if you want to use the same face as another character, just ask their player.

007. APPLYING! Please post your application in the Pending application board and a staff member will review it for you. If you post a work in progress then you may bump it once you are finished. Please do NOT bump more than once, and don't PM staff asking them to look it over unless they specifically ask you to. We'll read them as soon as we can and appreciate your patience. If for some reason your application has not been reviewed after five days of completion or bumping, please PM a staff member.

008. SECRETS! If any character witnesses an event in a thread, open or closed, they are allowed to divulge those details if need be or just because they feel like it. Please remember though that the character needs to be the one holding the information, not the member. Secrets will be decided upon by staff with secrets that we feel are applicable to the character. Your secrets will be sent to you upon being decided and you will be given one week to help staff come up with different secrets (A must be able to use these) if the ones we've come up with do not work for you.

009. CELL PHONE CLAIMS! Each character is required to claim a cell phone so that A can send text messages. Claiming other forms of communications is strictly up to you, but keep in mind that the less ways A has to contact you, the less fun our game will be.

010. 17+ ONLY! This game has a rating of 2-2-2. However we do not allow anyone under 17 to join the game. If we find out you are lying about your age you will be asked to leave. Once you really are 17 you are welcome to join again if you want.

011. LABELING! WDGTD allows you to move back and forth in time with your characters so that you may roleplay events that take place in a previous time as part of the development process. For this reason and because of the nature of The A Game, we ask that you label the first post of your threads with the following information:
  • Who? Characters involved
  • What? Brief description about events within
  • When? In-game date of events
  • Where? Where events are taking place

012. TAGGING! While tagging is optional, the staff would like to remind your that it's also polite and helps to remind not only your partners but yourself that you have threads that need replies. @[Their User Name]

013. GRAPHICS AND AVATARS! Avatars are 250X400px. We realize that these are unusual sizes, so if you need help resizing an image, a staff member will be happy to help you. Signatures shouldn't exceed 500px in width, but they're optional. Please don't post any inappropriate images, as it will result in the offending image being removed and the member receiving a warning. On the same token, templates shouldn't stretch the board, and if so, please choose another template.
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