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 07. Species Guide, (Usergroups)
 Posted: Sep 6 2014, 05:15 PM
34 Years Old
"Don't Make Me Lie To You"

species list


Falls under the Supernatural usergroup.

Often considered the strongest of the supernatural creatures, the older a vampire is the stronger and faster that is. They have super speed and strength, enhanced senses, compulsion, and can only be killed by wood to the heart, their heart being removed, or by decapitation. Their weaknesses are vervain and sunlight. Both burn and weaken them, although some vampires have found a way around the sunlight issue by convincing witches to enchant daylight rings. Vampires are immortal and do not age past the point at which they were turned. A vampire is created by a human dying with vampire blood in their system and then awakening in transition. The process is then completed by the consumption of human blood.


Falls under the Supernatural usergroup.

Werewolves, or Children of the Moon, are people with the ability to transform into a wolf on the full moon. This is usually viewed as a curse, however, since the process of the transformation is involuntary and involves the breaking of every bone in the body. On the day of the full moon, werewolves have heightened senses and strength in their human form but at other times are only slightly more powerful than humans. The gene is passed down through families and is triggered by the killing of another person. Whether by accident or on purpose is irrelevant.

Some Werewolves have the ability to control their changes and can do so without the full moon. The full moon heightens their abilities and makes their change harder to control. These type of wolves can also take the pain of others away from them by absorbing it into themselves and by using their claws they can transfer memories to and from a person. Alpha's of this type are also able to create more werewolves from a bite or if it is deep enough a scratch.

There are three Types of Werewolves:

The Alpha

In the second group of Wolves the Alpha's eyes glow Red. These are the leaders of the pack and are stronger and more powerful than the other Wolves. Born or earned the spot can be taken by another Wolf if they win in a battle against an Alpha or if they kill them.

-True Alpha

True Alpha's are very rare and are created from the strength of will of the individual. True Alpha's cannot become such by taking the life of an innocent and only Beta's of their making can take their power. Only two of these will be allowed in the game and one of those spots is saved for Scott.


Beta's eyes glow yellow or blue depending on if they have taken a life or not. They are part of the pack.


Omegas are the Lone Wolfs. While most people think this is cool by being alone without a pack it makes them the weakest of the wolves and makes them easy targets to be picked off. Like Betas their eyes are yellow or blue.

We are only allowing 4 Alpha's and Packs Total in the game. 1 Spot is still open.


Falls under the Supernatural usergroup.

Shifters have the ability to shift into a sort of half animal and half human form, though the more powerful can shift completely into animals. They can control their transformation to an extent, but the transformation on the night of the full moon is involuntary and often they do not remember the night. At all times, shifters have heightened senses and strength in their human form, but it is more pronounced in their shifted form. The gene is passed down through families or through the bite of an Alpha. The color of a shifter's eyes in shifted form is dependent on whether or not they've killed. Gold means they haven't, blue that they have, and red means that the shifter is an Alpha.


Falls under the Supernatural usergroup.

Also called Servants of Nature, witches are around to ensure that everything stays balanced. Where there is life, there must also eventually be death, and where there is power, there must also be weakness. They can perform a wide variety of spells, though their lineage determines how powerful they are. Witches document all of the spells that they've ever used in books called grimoires that they pass down through the generations. It is impossible to learn witchcraft as it is an inherent ability that manifests in adolescence.


Falls under the Gifted or Non-Gifted usergroups.

The Five is a group of specially selected humans that have been enchanted with supernatural strength and speed by the witch Quetsiyah. They have an overwhelming drive to kill vampires, and each time that they do, the urge grows stronger and stronger. There can only be five hunters at a time and once one dies, the mantle is passed on to the nearest "Potential," who is the only one outside of The Five that can see their tattoos.

There are certain humans, however, that are aware of the supernatural world and devote their lives to protecting humans. They typically only kill the ones that are killing humans, but some go rogue and kill any and all supernatural creatures that they find. Although they are not members of The Five, they still call themselves hunters and hunt anything supernatural that proves itself to be a threat.


Falls under the Supernatural usergroup.

Creatures of Japanese origins, kitsunes are fox-like tricksters with specialized powers. They appear human, but on film, a fiery aura is revealed around younger kitsunes or those unable to conceal their aura. There are thirteen different types of kitsunes, five that are commonly known: Void, Thunder, Wild, Celestial, and Ocean. The type of kitsune determines the abilities, but all have supernatural speed and healing. Unlike the other kitsunes, the Void kitsune -- also called a Nogitsune -- does not have its own body but instead possesses the body of its victim and uses it to create chaos and death from which it feeds.

Other Usergroups

  • Non-Gifted refers to humans without any special powers or abilities. Those falling under this category are typically people without knowledge of Rosewood's supernatural presence though not all. Characters falling under this usergroup will have their names in pink.
  • Gifted refers to humans with special powers or abilities. Those falling under this category are typically people who display or possess powers such as clairvoyance, telekinesis, mediumship, etc.; however, they will always be mortal. Characters falling under this usergroup will have their names in hot pink.
  • Supernatural refers to characters who appear human and have special powers or abilities. Those falling under this category are typically people who possess some form of transfiguration, longer or immortal lifespans, and may even require special diets to maintain optimal health. Characters falling under this usergroup will have their names in red.

Written by Mandy

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